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Design: Arizona Landscape Co. can design an entire landscape plan for your property at no cost and accompany the design with a bid. We can also bring in one of the many landscape architects or designers we work with but there is a fee for all professional designs. The great thing about working with Arizona Landscape Co. on your landscape plan is all the work is done by our company’s employees and rarely uses subcontractors.

Decorative Rock Products: Arizona Landscape Co. installs and sells the following decorative rock products: all decorative rock and decomposed granite, boulders, sand, flagstone, pavers, fill dirt, and stone veneer.


Gantry 2.0 Features

Below is a list of the top features of Gantry 2.0:

1RTL Support: automatically flip the entire modular structure of Gantry when RTL languages are detected.

2Custom Presets: an intuitive and simple user interface for creating and saving your own custom presets.

3Menu Item Control: set the template options on a per menu item basis, such as the layout controls.

4Gantry GZipper: RokGZipper functionality built straight into the Gantry core for its CSS/JS items.

Gantry Blog Docs

We advise reading the blog entries below to gain a greater understanding of Gantry. They go into much greater detail than the overview on this page.

Gantry Administrator

Below are screenshots of the various aspects of Gantry in effect inside the template manager:

image image
image image
image image